The General Assembly shall consist of active members,A�associatedA�members A�and observer members . It is local and territorial authorities , technical directions of national administrations or environmental organizations , public or private operators, associations, NGOs, research centers/training and individual members.

IME Organisation A�

The Board of Directors consists of 3 colleges with each 12 members :

  • college of Local AuthoritiesA�
  • college ofA�Private and Public Institutions (Professional Services )
  • college of Experts

The Bureau A�of the Board of Directors is composed of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ms. Milagros Couchoud Gregori and A�six (6) Vice -Presidents:

  • Mr. Claude Barral
  • Mr. Mohamed Ridha Dhaoui
  • Mr. Ali Fassi Fihri
  • Mr. Loic Fauchon
  • Mr. Habib Omrane
  • Mr. Joan Pinyol i Ribas

Supported by a General Treasurer: Mr. Xavier Picot and a DeputyA�Treasurer : Mr. Juan Canovas Cuenca


It is composed of :

Executive Director
Hachmi Kennou
Project Management Officer
Malika Roussel
Executive Assistant
Ida Nguyen
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