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Corporate social responsibility of companies

The Corporate social responsibility of companies (RSE) is based on the voluntary service, the professional values, the commitment of the business manager and the management team as well as on their faculty to involve staff around common causes and around actions of closeness.

Share with the citizens of the professional field actions in favour of the sustainable […]

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National Water Security: case study of Tunisia

Mustapha Besbes, Jamel Chahed and Abdelkader Hamdane are the co-authors of the entitled book “National Water Security” published in English by Springer. It presents a case study of an arid country, Tunisia. It is an updated version of the book “Water Security of Tunisia” published in French by Harmattan in 2015.


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The dictionary of the Mediterranean

The dictionary of the Mediterranean will be published in October cadana casino 2016 in two languages (Arabic and French) by ACTES SUD with the collaboration in particular of the” Maison méditerranéenne des sciences de l’homme” (MMSH).
A current situation of the knowledge, quite at the same time mirror of the diversity and the reflections in […]

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Water Management in the Mediterranean Region: Concepts and Policies

Selmin Burak and Jean Margat, IME members, have just published an article in Water Resources Management” international Journal entitled “Water Management in the Mediterranean Region: Concepts and Policies”.

The Mediterranean region exhibits significant contrasts in its demographic and hydrologic features that have shaped the water management policies in the Mediterranean countries. Although awareness is raising […]

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